Under extreme conditions

Guarantee and performance

Focusing on final consumer use, Vibram chemical engineers and designers can choose an ideal compound, design a sole, manufacture prototypes and have them immediately tested on the field by our Vibram Tester Team. With their cooperation, every sole exhibits the best of the necessary characteristics for:

- The kind of surface being used: wet, dry, rock, soft terrain, sand, snow, ice, etc.

- The requirements of each specific activity: grip, push, help braking, stability, endurance, sensitivity to the terrain, comfort, shock-absorption, rigidity, etc.

Once the Tester Team has approved it, a Vibram sole is ready to enter production.

The Vibram Tester Team is the most advanced and thorough scientific instruments in the world of sport shoes, capable of verifying and validating every part of a sole's performance.

In last few years, the Vibram Tester Team has also expanded its field of action to the skateboarding, cycling and winter sports, like snowboarding and new ski disciplines. Their hope is to advance Vibram's status as a synonym for performance, even in situations when there is an instrument between the shoe and the ground (skateboarding for example). The Tester Team responds to the requests and needs of the outdoor world, and is always evolving.