Professionals and athletes

The most advanced scientific instrument

In 1998, the Vibram Tester Team was created to thoroughly understand and verify the performance of Vibram products in the most extreme situations by executing tests directly on the field with the most famous athletes in outdoor sports.

Today, the Vibram Tester Team is composed of 100 athletes and sports professionals coming from all over the world and representing more than 10 disciplines: mountain climbing, trekking, free-climbing, ski-climbing, telemark, trailrunning, mountainbiking, motocross, sailing, golf, fishing, hunting, canoing and more.

The athletes of the Vibram Tester Team were selected based on their experience in their fields, their ability to take our products to the limit and their skill in getting useful information back to our project engineers. With their help, Vibram is reaching their objective of designing the ideal sole for any sport activity.