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Our nearest dealer will evaluate your credentials* and, if responding to Vibram requirements, will propose you as a Vibram Premium or Plus** certified shoemaker.

* Vibram Dealers can just suggest the shoemakers to certify. The ultimate choice is exclusively up to Vibram.
** For more information about the necessary requirements to enter Premium and Plus categories, please contact Mr Fabio Papini (Fabio.Papini@vibram.com).

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* Obligation of Discretion and non Disclosure
The shoemaker commits to keep secret all the acquired information and knowledge, obtained, transmitted or noticed (even indirectly) after having received and used materials from Vibram. For this reason, any information, data, evaluation, assessment, project, strategy, aim, organization or objective obtained by the shoemaker cannot be communicated or be made available to third parties.

In every case, the shoemaker commits not to behave - both on an active or passive basis - in a way that might allow or facilitate the knowledge by third parties of the above conditions.

Finally, the shoemaker commits not to set up any activity, in person or through a third party that can be in competition, through the production and trade of the products that might be partially similar to Vibram.

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* Privacy
I authorize Vibram to keep and use - even for reasons that might not be directly linked to the aforementioned activity - my personal data and information according to the present regulation on the matter.

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